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Specialty Programs

$9.95 (AUD per week)

Weightlifting Specialty

Weightlifting program built to increase all strength numbers involving moving external load

Gymnastics Specialty

Focusing on bodyweight skills, strength and endurance for traditional CrossFit movements

Hypertrophy Specialty

For those people wanting to add lean muscle mass and weight to their frame (bodybuilding)

Cardio Specialty

Raw capacity work to build your engine. Huge crossover to recovery times during and after a workout.


$9.95 (AUD per week)

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High/Low volume options

Coaches notes for each workout

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10% Training Camp discount

HRV Daily Guidelines

Movement Library


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20% Training Camp discount

1 Specialty Program

50% off additional Specialty Programs

Competition taper guidelines


$49.95 (AUD per week)


30% Training Camp discount

All 4 Specialty Programs

Personal Underground RX Coach

Phone contact with coach

Video analysis

Guidance with warm ups and accessory work

HRV monitoring, volume control and competition taper advice

Free URX Singlet


$99.95+ (AUD per week)

Personal URX Coach

Daily phone contact with coach

100% customised periodised program

Daily updated program based off of your results and fatigue

Daily HRV monitoring

Daily video analysis

Free training camp entry

Free URX Singlet

All Underground RX Training Programs are built with competitive CrossFit Athletes in mind. The hub of our training programs is the Athlete Program (Basic, Advanced, Elite), which is conducted 5 – 6 days a week with different tiers of volume depending on the athletes’ abilities.

Training is programmed Monday – Saturday with Sunday being a rest day. Thursday is a deload and involves either a swimming or recovery session.

On top of the Athlete Program are the Underground RX Specialty Programs, which involve a targeted focus towards a specific modality and can be completed independently or layered on top of the Athlete Program, which is recommended. Specialty Programming is conducted 4 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

The Weightlifting Specialty Program incorporates Olympic Weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman strength, power and skill work.

The Gymnastics Specialty Program involves calisthenics (bodyweight) skill, strength, power and muscle endurance work.

The Hypertrophy Specialty Program incorporates Bodybuilding style training using a Barbell and DB’s to increase muscle mass (size), muscle endurance and also tendon strength.

The Cardio Specialty Program involves traditional cardiovascular training with the addition of optional HR (Heart Rate) training. Built to increase work capacity and recovery times.

Individual Programming is for people that are looking for the full coaching and custom programming experience.