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Last month I asked Tasha to tell me more about herself. I knew she was a CrossFit enthusiast, had a family and also coached swimming so I became intrigued to find out more, so here it is!!

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Currently, I am a wife to an amazing man (name omitted because he likes to stay out of the spotlight) and a mother of two incredible kids (14 and 12).  I work full time as a Paralegal, have recently become the Head Swim Coach for our local High School Swim Team, train, eat, sleep and cuddle with my family. I’ve played Volleyball, swimming, Track & Field, (shot put and discus), I did all this in college as well, swimming all 4 years.  I love to read , just about anything, and I am always learning and eager to learn.

I try to live the best day possible every day because someone fought very hard for me to live… I was born about 3 months early in an area (Small small town in the mountains of Pennsylvania) and one of the Dr’s, (actually my first babysitters father) would not allow me to die.  He hand bagged oxygen into me (I was the size of my fathers hand) and refused to walk out and tell my father that he lost me.  I technically did not have a heart beat many times, but I believe he worked on me and kept me alive for almost 6 hours awaiting a helicopter to fly me to Buffalo Children’s Hospital in NY.  I always knew I was considered a ‘blue baby’ but not until I turned 40 did my mother share just how horrific my birth was.

I began Crossfit when my son was in Kindergarten (I was a stay at home mother till about 2 years ago). My son shared a class room with the daughter of Crossfit Hanover’s owner Dan Sell and he began to talk to me about this ‘new’ routine called Crossfit.  I (at that time) worked out VERY regularly at our YMCA and grew up an athlete.  I was familiar with the gym life and could not believe that in an hour I could get a workout in and did not think it would be anything special. In fact, I checked out an Open House about a month earlier and I was ‘appalled’ (at the time) at watching people throw up outside, squat without spotters, or racks and the insanity that was a competition style format. HA!  If only I knew, right.

So… I decide to try it out one day and I met Dan who worked me through some movement cues, wanted to see what I was familiar with and began my journey.  We squatted, pressed, and deadlifted (all bar only and minimal weight movements to see my technique).  Then he told me what my workout would be… 12 minutes of 6-10 Deadlifts and a 50′ Bear-Crawl… REALLY???  I remember thinking that this was going to be easy, and I was already planning a trip to the Y to finish out my workout.  Well…. my first round felt amazing (so I thought..) and I even got teased for moving so quickly on the Bear crawls… Then round 2… at some point I remember hearing “You are two minutes in…” WHAT in the WORLD… At that point, I was hooked… I was dying… I was humbled by how unconditioned I really was and I knew I wanted more.

A year later I became CFL1 certified as well as CFK certified and began (with the help of a few others) Crossfit Hanover’s first kids program, which is still running today under new management and superb supervision.  Throughout my Crossfit career, I have competed in local competitions, introduced kids to the benefit of exercise and took time to specialize and compete in Olympic Lifting which I did solely for just over 2 years.  I took a break from competing and even Crossfit while I attended school to become a Paralegal and in 2014, I made my humble way back.

Before turning 40, I wanted to train to compete and hope to make it to Regionals as a master… After turning 40, I realized that my priorities changed… I WANT to compete, I love it, but I also love watching my kids and coaching.  I took a position as Head Swimming coach for our local High School and was reminded of my father coaching youth, age group, and even college.  I grew up in the water, so I felt at home and I love it. My daughter has taken up Crossfit and works out with me.  She wants to compete, so I will absolutely support her.

My son competes at the National level in youth wrestling (which means we travel A LOT).  My husband (who is my biggest supporter, my rock, my everything and a man I admire tremendously), rotates traveling with me.  This upcoming winter season will prove to be a challenge as swimming and Wrestling coincide… however, I am certain we will get through it.  So, I take a back burner as far as what goals I had set for myself.  I became a part of the Underground RX team because it appealed to me.  The idea to attack each day and to be the best version of myself.  Not stressing over getting it all in, one thing in, or all of… the appeal of always having a weakness you can improve.  This just felt like the right fit and I can honestly say, I am having fun!

One other item that defines me is that I lost my father in a freak accident the summer after I graduated College.  He was riding his bike and was hit from behind.  Being the oldest, I moved home to take care of my mother and make sure my younger brother stayed in school.  He was a freshman at college.  These events led me to meeting my husband, creating a kick ass family and striving to be the best I can.  Sometimes I fail…. I’m NOT perfect, but I’m working at it.

Tasha xxx

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