Bias Training And The CrossFit Season

Well here we are, about to move into a new year and a new training cycle leading into the CrossFit Open in seven and a half weeks time.

I just wanted to write a small post about how you need to be selecting your Bias Training and how it might change as the season changes.

As all of you know it is my goal to make the URX Athlete Program the best program on the planet for a number of reasons. I want it to be fun, I want it to be safe, I want it to be methodical and above all I want it to produce results. When I say ‘results’ my idea is that each YEAR people have become better CrossFitters as a whole and not just chasing the PB’s with no real reason.

Just following a program means you will get better at things, but not necessarily the right things, and this is where Bias Training comes in to help you improve in the areas you need most!

I can not individually program each persons programming on a daily basis, I don’t have the time and personal programming is expensive, so the next best thing is to give you some options and for you to take responsibility for yourself.

You have to decide how serious you are about becoming better, if you are just here to have a bit of fun to do some friendly competitions and are in no rush to get to Regionals then balance your training with the things that look the most fun and some bits and pieces you know you need to work on. If you are more serious about getting better at competitions then you need to be disciplined and ensure you do the stuff you suck at.

I will never forget preparing 35 year old Kyle Gardiner for the 2015 Open. He was strong and good at gymnastics but had zero cardio. So the first thing he did during each training session was pure CARDIO BIAS!! In 2014 he placed 500+, in 2015 he placed 79th…

So here is my guidelines for you:

March – October

Focus on your weakest area as a priority.
6/6 Bias Training parts targeting your weakness a week.

November – December

Focus on your weakest area with a balance of things you may not have done for a while.
4-5/6 Bias Training parts targeting your weakness a week.

January – February

Mix it up, maybe a touch more cardio.
3/6 Bias Training parts targeting your weakness a week and 1/6 Cardio Bias.

I will also add in here that following the HRV Guidelines is also crucial to making sure you are in OPTIMAL health to perform!


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