Bodyweight Program + Minimal Equipment Program

AUD $22 per MONTH

for BOTH programs

Underground RX wants to provide you with options for your training during times where you may be limited by the equipment you have available or if you find yourself in isolation or quarantine.

For this reason we have created two programs. One which requires no equipment and will focus on building Muscle Endurance, Capacity and Core Strength. The second gives options for training if you have access to some equipmnet (Dumbbell(s), Kettlebells(s), Sand/Power Bags etc). This gives you the opportunity to continue to work towards your goals.

Each day comprises of 2 – 4 components and can be completed in it’s entirety or  in parts to suit your current skill and fitness needs.

Programs are delivered straight to your phone via the SugarWOD App and are updated weekly – meaning no two weeks will be the same.

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EMOM 10:00
Min 1, 3, 5…) 3 Tempo Air Squat @ 543X
Min 2, 4, 6…) ME Dynamic Lunge
* The focus is on creating lots of time under tension in the first interval then pure Muscle Endurance in the second interval.

6:00 Plank Hold
– Every time you break –
20 Russian Twists
1:00 Rest
* Core conditioning. If you can hold your Plank (elbows) for longer than 3:00 complete Coat Hangers (in the Gymnastics movement library)
* For the Russian Twist you can load with a drink bottle (a full one….), make sure you’re keeping your back straight and feet off the floor

AMRAP 20:00
5 V-Sit Up (straight legs)
10 Push Up
15 Air Squat
* Cindy, but not Cindy..