Breathing, Posture and Performance

As some of you may or may not know, I have horrific overhead position. Part of my decision to stop competing was due to the fact that I struggle BIG TIME overhead. To get more range overhead I would arch my lower back and let my knees uncontrollably come forward when I squatted.

I had a chronic injury every single day of my competitive CrossFit time, and after four years of being in pain and doing rehab I decided that the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. Spending six months a year doing purely rehab, and then training for six months before the Open, three hours a day when two hours involved rehab, I just didn’t enjoy it.

I never had a coach or anyone to help me until right at the end of my competitive CrossFit time. But one day I found an amazing coach from Texas, USA, Aaron Davis. Many years ago he told me that it was my breathing that was a major player in my lack of OH range. I believed him but I couldn’t understand it, and today, after practicing it I understand it.

This article may be interesting for some of you, it is quite in depth and long though so just a warning. I just wanted to post it here because it is a subject that has shaped my attitude.

Enjoy the read if you read it, if not then I will see you on the whiteboard tomorrow!

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