Thank You

Thank you for signing up to our Bodyweight Program – we are happy to be able to help you keep working towards your fitness goals!

You can access the Program by Downloading the SugarWOD App and searching for Underground RX. Once there enter the access code ‘URXAthlete’ and your access will appear.

You’re also able to access our members only Facebook Group here – this way you will have the ability to ask coaches and fellow athletes questions about the program (or anything else you like – preferably fitness related…)!

As you’re accessing this program free of charge consider checking out our shop and seeing if there might be anything that tickles your fancy – otherwise please enjoy working out at home and tag us on IG and Facebook to let us know how you’re getting on!

If you have any questions about the program or your membership please flick me an email at

Looking forward to seeing you on the leaderboard!