Gymnastics – Friday

Part A
0:30 On 0:30 Off for 9:30
ME Ring MU

OR (if you can’t Ring MU)

15:00 Practice
Ring MU Skills and Drills
* If strength lets you down the practice skills that promote strength (Strict movement, Pull Up’s/Dip’s etc…)
* If technique lets you down the practice skills that assist technique (Kip Swings, Drinking Birds, Kipping, Banded Turnovers etc…)

Part B
5 x 3 Clapping Push Up
5 x 2 Clapping Pull Up
5 x 8 Alt Jumping Pistol Squat (make sure you don’t re-dip)
* No set rest, just move through with a focus on powerful movement

Part C
0:30 ME Alt Pistol
0:30 ME Strict HSPU
1:00 Rest
* 2 scores = 1 is total number of Pistols and the other is the total number of Strict HSPU
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program