Part A
10 L Leg Weighted Pistol
0:30 Rest
10 R Leg Weighted Pistol
0:30 Rest
10 Box Jump @ AHAP
1:30 Rest
* Load the Pistol Up however you need
* If you cannot Pistol yet complete either Assisted or Box Negative Pistols

Part B
10:00 to Practice
Parallette L-Sit to Handstand
* Check out the movement library to find a progression to suit your current skill level

Part C
2:00 On 1:00 Off for 23:00 (5 Sets)
25 GHD Sit Up
50 Double Under
ME Kipping HSPU
* Score = number of HSPU completed each round
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program



Part A
E3M for 18:00 (2 Sets)
Int 1) Pistol Practice
Int 2) Ring Muscle Up OR Pull Up Practice
Int 3) Kipping HSPU Practice
* Pick any Variation or Progression for each that suits your ability - the goal here is QUALITY Practice
Pistol Variations: Elevated Heel | Plate Held In Front | Assisted | Negative Pistol
RMU: Ring Kip Swing | Kipping Ring Pull Up | Jumping RMU | Banded RMU (transition practice) | Kipping Ring Dip | Cycling efficiency
Pull Up: Kip Swing | Banded Pull Up |
HSPU: Kipping Efficiency OR Practice | If you're not so close work on building Strength through Negatives
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program

Part B
EMOM 10:00
Int 1) 0:45 Weighted Plank Hold
Int 2) 0:45 ME Arch Rock
* Load the Plank if needed with Plates on the Back
* Focus on the QUALITY of your Arch Rocks

Part C
AMRAP 9:00
7 Ring Muscle Up
14 Strict HSPU
* Break the reps up as needed
Ring Muscle Up: Kipping Ring Pull Up | Bar MU | C2B Pull Up + Ring Dip | Ring Row + Push Up
Strict HSPU: Up to 2 x Ab Mat | Box/Pike HSPU | Seated BB ‘Z’ Press



Part A
EMOM 21:00
Int 1) 3 - 8 UB Bar Muscle Up
Int 2) ME HS Walk
Int 3) Rest
* If you cannot BMU yet complete C2B or Pull Up
* If you cannot complete 3 UB reps break it up until you complete 3
* If you cannot HS Walk yet (Or cannot complete more than 1 - 2m UB) complete ME Wall Walk
* 2 scores - 1 = Total number of BMU completed, 2 = Total meters HS Walked
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program

Part B
0:10 - 0:30 Chin Over Bar Hold (OH Grip)
0:30 - 1:00 Active Bar Hang
0:45 - 1:30 Hollow Hold
* Rest as needed between movements
* Focus on maintaining excellent Hollow Position for ALL Holds

Part C
21 Sit Up
15 Toes To Bar
3 Rope Climb
* Core and Grip pre-fatigue for the Rope Climbs
T2B: Toes to Air | Cycled Knee Raise | V-Sit Up | Bfly Sit Up
Rope Climb: 1 rep = 5 Strict Pull Up | Banded Strict Pull Up


Part A
5 Strict Deficit HSPU
ME Kipping Deficit HSPU
1:30 Rest
* Complete your Strict then immediately move into your Kipping without kicking back down
* Use elevation if you cannot complete Strict HSPU yet
* If you cannot HSPU yet - spend 10:00 practicing both Strict and Kipping HSPU - not sure what to do? Post in the Club FB Page!
* Note your deficit height in the notes
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program

Part B
4 – 5 RFQ
20 Alt Bottom Pistol Squat
10 Hollow Body Rock (get TIGHT!!!)
5 Ring Exaggerated Kip (focus on constant tension)
* Pistol Squat, Stay in the bottom of the squat and literally just swap legs (one out in front, one squatting on) and don’t stand up out of the squat until you have finished all of the reps
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program

Part C
100 Pull Up
- Every Time you Break -
35 Double Under
20 Alt Pistol OR Air Squat
* The bigger sets of Pull Ups you do the less overall work you might have to do - HOWEVER if you go to failure on your first set are you compromising your later sets?
* A break = coming down from the bar, you can hang and breathe then get your rhythm again if you need to
* Our focus is on Pulling Muscle Endurance
* If you're breaking every 5 reps after your initial big set or two, you may want to reduce the overall volume
Pull Up: Reduce Volume between 50 - 75 if your Max set of Pull Ups is less than 20 | Banded Kipping Pull Up or Ring Row if you're not quite at Pull Up stage yet
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program