Part A
5 Strict Deficit HSPU
ME Kipping Deficit HSPU
1:30 Rest
* Complete your Strict then immediately move into your Kipping without kicking back down
* Use elevation if you cannot complete Strict HSPU yet
* If you cannot HSPU yet - spend 10:00 practicing both Strict and Kipping HSPU - not sure what to do? Post in the Club FB Page!
* Note your deficit height in the notes
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program

Part B
Accumulate in as few sets as possible:
100m Reverse Seal Walk

Part C
2:00 On 1:00 Off until you reach
500 - 750 Double Unders
* If your Max Set of DU is more than 200 go for the 750, if it is less go for the 500
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program



Part A
5 L Leg Weighted Pistol @ AHAP
0:30 Rest
5 R Leg Weighted Pistol @ AHAP
1:30 Rest
* Find the heaviest load you can for each leg - holding a KB Goblet Style

Part B
Accumulate in as few sets as possible (in any order)
5:00 Weighted Plank Hold
30 Strict T2B
* Rest as needed
* If you cannot Strict T2B yet complete either T2B negatives or Hang Knee Raises
* Midline destruction
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program

Part C
2:00 On 2:00 Off for 10:00 (3 Sets)
20 GHD Sit Up
ME Kipping Ring Dip
* Use this as an opportunity to get your Kipping Ring Dips more efficient - post a video to the group if you're not sure if things are moving right



Part A
5 - 8 Weighted Wide Grip Pull Up
0:30 Rest
ME Dynamic Lever Hold
1:30 Rest
* Take your hands wider than you think you need - the focus is on your Lats
* Adjust the lever by bending the legs -
* If you are following both Muscle Endurance and Gymnastics Specialties complete 6 Total Sets

Part B
AMQRAP 10:00
20 Hollow Rock
15 Whale Tail
10 Ab Wheel Roll Out
* This is for QUALITY - prioritise excellent movement over rounds/reps completed

Part C
EMOM 20:00
Int 1) 8 - 15 UB T2B
Int 2) 8 - 12 Double KB Hang Snatch @ 2 x 24/16kg
Int 3) 3 - 5 Ring Muscle Up
Int 4) 15 - 25 Box Jumps @ 24/20"
* Choose a rep range that suits you best - the focus is consistency throughout
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program


Part A
10:00 Practice
Handstand Walking
* This could take any form depending on where this skill is for you right now.
* More advanced Athletes can complete Obstacles
* Less advanced, practice with a partner holding your legs, lateral Wall Facing HS Walk, HS Shoulder Taps etc

Part B
10 RFQ
7 – 14 Hollow Rocks
7 – 14 Arch Rocks
7 – 14 Kip Swings
7 – 14 Ring Push Up
4 – 8 Ring Pull Up
* This is a basic gymnastics conditioning session, move through with intent BUT PERFECT FORM
* Check the movement library for technique and scaling options

Part C
30 Burpee Pull Up
40 Alt Pistol
10 Bar Muscle Up
* Sprint Chipper - the goal is to complete this AS QUICKLY as you can
* If you cannot BMU yet complete C2B Pull Ups or Banded BMU