How To Stretch While Waiting At The Airport For Your Late Girlfriend

So after over a week off of training last week with some sort of weird bug I headed in to the box at 8am for a heavy squat session. I only had two hours as I had to pick up my partner from the airport so I had to get through it pretty quick and knew I wouldn’t get a chance to stretch. I take ages to warm up, then I squatted for an hour, missing all of the numbers I wanted to hit so I just gathered that it wasn’t my day.

I hopped into the truck and headed off for the airport. Feeling my knee throb with pain and my legs start to tighten up I knew I had to stretch otherwise I would be written off for the next days training. I got to the airport as the flight was supposed to land but it was delayed 40 minutes which gave me time to find somewhere to stretch.

I’m going to be honest, if you get embarrassed easily then stretching in the middle of an international airport probably isn’t for you. But if you really want to make progress with your training sometimes you have to do the extra things. I even heard a rumour that Chad McKay takes a lacrosse ball to the cinema when he goes to roll out as he watches the movie. Now thats commitment.

Anyway, here is how I got an inconspicuous stretch going at the airport with a few tips to go with it.

1) The first stretch I did was for my quads, you can see how tight they are as I can’t get my knee back in line with my hips. I did some PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) to help lengthen it out which involves contracting the muscle you are stretching for about 10 seconds, then as you relax it you push the stretch a bit further using autogenic inhibition (google it).


2) Next up was the hamstring stretch. Again, completely inconspicuous. Notice how I use a cellphone casually so it doesn’t look like I’m stretching. That’s how the pro’s do it.


3) And lastly the glute stretch. This was probably the most obvious one. There is no real way to hide it and expect to get funny looks.


I just kept rolling through those stretches for about 30 minutes until my partner arrived and helped me re enact the stretches while she took photos. She thinks I’m a bit silly sometimes.

And for those people that read this I will write my blog posts on Sundays and Thursdays which will coincide with the Underground RX rest days.


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