Looking Towards The 2017 Season

With the 2016 Pacific Regionals done and dusted, all bar five individual men and women and a handful of masters and teen athletes will be returning to the gym to start working towards next season. I have been on the CrossFit scene since 2011 and the changes that have occurred are huge!!

Back in the day there were a handful of people that competed at Regionals with a genuine shot at going to the Games, fast forward until now and the entire top two heats are all at CrossFit Games level.

The first thing I want to say is that if by now you haven’t seen how open the competition is, and ultimately how on any given day anyone can find themselves snapping up a spot to the CrossFit Games, then you need to open your eyes. The competition is so so so close and it is only going to get closer as more people start competing. You can look at a Regional leaderboard and see more than five names that have been to the Games at some stage and so with more talent coming in the competition is going to get much tighter.

Even after only one week of Regional competition we have seen some big names like Dan Bailey, Brooke Ence, Elijah Mohammed, Kenneth Leverich, Michelle Kinney, Stephanie Ortiz, Kevin Manuel, Brandon Swan, Sammy Wood and even past CrossFit Games champion Kristan Clever miss out on returning to the CrossFit Games. Just look at Sam Briggs in 2014, she didn’t even get the chance to defend her title?!

Why am I saying all of this??

Because in the space of less than 12 months, people who were nobodies are hitting the podium, think Tia Claire Toomey (legend), and people who are champions aren’t even making it back. A lot of sh*t can happen in 12 months, you can either stay the same, potentially go backwards, or if you have the right team around you then there is nothing stopping you skyrocketing towards reaching your goals.

Some people limit themselves with there mindset, self doubt and excuses. Sure these people might do well, they might even make it to Regionals, but they will just make up the numbers (like me when I was there). But as time goes on you start to see more people entering the arena to really have a solid shot at making it to the Games. They commit to a lifestyle that is conducive with success, they surround themselves with others that support their journey, they trust the process and reap the rewards.

Trust me when I say that in 12 months from now there will be new people at the Games. People that today are nobodies, and in the coming years will be (CrossFit) household names.

If you sit in the top 40 people in your region then you could potentially be good enough for the CrossFit Games right now. If you sit in the top 40 – 100 then you could be there in 12 – 24 months, and every 100 spots after that is another potential 12 or so months of training. When you look at it that way then it really is very achievable for people to make it if they set out a one, two and three year plan.

Don’t let me fool you though, everyone is different and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Some people have more potential than others due to genetics, level lengths, flexibility and natural strength etc.

Is 2017 going to be your year?

Gone are the days where you can just ‘be fit’ and make it to Regionals. There is now a commitment unlike most other sports. 15+ hours training a week, regular bodywork appointments, specialist coaches for each area or modality of CrossFit. It is no joke that the best in the World take part in specific running coaching, rowing coaching, oly coaching, gymnastics coaching and so on. CrossFit athletes are seriously fit, strong and able and if you want to be next, then you need to start thinking like a professional. With that said, it still need be fun, because without going into to much detail those that have the most fun get the best results!

At the start of next month (4th & 5th June) we are hosting some of the best coaches around to run a two day training camp that could seriously bump-start your season. Running, Olympic weightlifting, rowing, gymnastics, and CrossFit will all be covered off in great detail where participants can spend between two and four hours with a specialist coach honing their skills in a combination of theory and practical work. Each modality will also involve a workout based around that given skill.

I will be covering off the CrossFit aspect which is going to involves strategy and planning on all levels. From the year training plan, right through to how to approach a competition and how to approach individual events within a competition. We will also practice things that are specific to CrossFit that will help on the finer level, like how to change weights on a bar during a workout, how to stay relaxed mid competition and mid workout, how to warm up, cool down and recover for optimal performance and much more.

If you are interested in checking out the Training Camp then simply click HERE or the link below and read through the details. To register simply click on the register button at the bottom of the page.


If you are serious about competing at a high level, whether it be at the Regionals or the Games, make sure you have a solid and supportive team around you and you live a lifestyle conducive with health, fitness, success and most importantly happiness.

PS: We all know that working on your weaknesses is the most important aspect of becoming a better CrossFitter, no secret there. But also working on you your weaknesses or things that you are sh*t at can be annoying and frustrating… So my advice is for you to learn to enjoy the process of working on your weak areas, enjoy overcoming areas in which you don’t do to well. If you can find the pleasure in not ‘being the best’ but on becoming better than you were the day before then you will find over time and with relative ease your weaknesses will organically become on par with the rest of your game.

If you are immobile then stretch for twice as long as you ‘train’ for. If you are weak then skip conditioning a few times a week and lift more. If you are strong but bad with gymnastics then chill out on the lifting and put those extra hours into practicing and developing your gymnastics ability. If your cardio sucks then again, less lifting, more running, rowing and assault bike intervals.

If you don’t enjoy those things I completely understand, but until you can find your own peace within your head and start enjoying the process of becoming as well rounded as possible you will probably continue to fall short.

Don’t be scared to be the worst at something, because that will only keep your weakness hidden. Embrace it and move humbly towards improving it. If you can do that, then your two year plan just became a one year plan.

Good luck everyone!

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