Mindset Coaching

Discovery Session

$150.00 (AUD)

* Must be completed before considering Elite Mindset Coaching

Talk face to face with head coach and Master Hypnotherapist JT

This session is purely built to discover what is be holding you back. Once those limiting factors are found and confirmed then it opens you up to a whole new level of performance

The Discovery Session is compulsory if you want Elite Mindset Coaching

Elite Mindset Coaching

$800 (AUD)

* Only available after your Discovery Session

Destroy any limiting factors within your mind

Immediate and permanent increase in performance

Compete with composure, train with crazy intent

Reach your goals faster and have more fun while on the journey

Discovery Session

Your discovery session will take about one hour and is usually conducted through Skype or our private Underground RX chat rooms. This session is just about digging around to find the source of any limiting factors you are carrying.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an elite athlete, there is always room in the mind for an increase in performance.

Elite Mindset Coaching

There are two pieces to the Elite Mindset Coaching puzzle. Your 1 On 1 Rewiring Session (hypnosis), and your personal downloadable MP3.

After your Discovery Session head coach and Master Hypnotherapist ‘JT’ will personally plan your 1 On 1 Rewiring (hypnosis) Session built around the subconscious limiting factors found in your Discovery Session. After the Rewiring Session ‘JT’ will custom build you an MP3 for you to download and listen to at prescribed times.

The Discovery Session is about setting the foundation, the Rewiring Session is building the temple, and the custom MP3 is the painting and decorating so at the end you have built a masterpiece inside and out, just the way you wanted!