Muscle Endurance – Monday

* For best results complete Muscle Endurance Specialty with the Weightlifting Specialty
* All movements need to be under FULL control unless stated otherwise
* Aim to be near or hitting failure on the last few reps of the last sets

Part A
0:30 On 0:30 Off until you reach 100m
DB Lunge Walk @ moderate
* Pick a weight that allows you to go UB during the work intervals but becomes painful and a struggle near the back end
* Hold the DB’s in the Farmer position

Part B
Hip Thrust, rest 2:00
5 x 10 @ moderate
* Get your back on a bench for a better ROM
* Small 1 second pause at the top just to show control

Part C
30 GHD Hamstring Curl
* Break into manageable sets
* If the concentric phase is too hard use something to help you back up
* Keep the eccentric phase under control
* Scale by breaking the hips slightly before you start
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program

Part D
10 L Leg Split Stance RDL @ moderate
0:45 Rest
10 R Leg Split Stance RDL @ moderate
0:45 Rest
* Just take a small step, keep the front leg straight and loaded, heels down. Rear foot just on toes to maintain balance