Muscle Endurance – Wednesday

Part A
E90S for 9:00
5 Tempo Strict Press @ 50 - 60%
* Tempo = 116X
* Each set should take you no less than 44 seconds to complete - so roughly 1:1 rest
* Only complete if you are NOT following the Athlete Program

Part B
10 L Arm Landmine Strict Press @ moderate
0:30 Rest
10 R Arm Landmine Strict Press @ moderate
0:30 Rest
* Add or remove weight as you go to maintain intensity

Part C
Seated Arnold Press, rest 1:00
2 x 8
1 x ME UB + ME UB with a lighter weight
* For the ME use the same weight as you did on the first two sets, you should get less than 8 reps, then drop the weight to something that allows you to get another 10+ reps

Part D
3 RFT (the more time the better)
ME UB Lateral DB Raise Hold @ light
1:30 Rest
* Arms must be TOTALLY straight with little finger higher than the thumb
* Try not to shrug, keep the weight in a range that allows for over 0:30 but under 1:30