The Remedy and URX Programming

Training hard but not hitting the PR’s or improving your fitness? Are you letting things slip in the kitchen? Training is only part of the formula for success. URX has partnered with The Remedy Coaching to help you perform at you peak and hit your goals. 

Whether you are looking to lose 5kgs to make gymnastics a bit easier, gain some weight/increase muscle mass to add kilos to your max lifts or mind the missing piece for peak performance The Remedy and their experienced coaches want to understand your goals and help you surpass them. The Remedy has two options:

1 - 1 Nutrition coaching

$40 (NZD per week)
  • Weekly check ins with your personal coach 
  • Personalised plan/macro breakdown that is tailored to you and adjusted as your coach learns more about you
  • Coaching on changing habits and support to help it become more achievable for your life style 
  • Any time coach messaging — whether it’s a burning question or to stop you grabbing that chocolate bar or help choosing a meal at a restaurant 
  • Detailed macro plans and meal timing if required

One time plan

$100.00 (NZD per week)
  • Personalised macro breakdown to help you lose weight, build muscle or increase performance based on your goals and current body composition
  • Tips and tracks on how to best build your meals based on your macros (and a bit about what they are if you are new to all of this)
  • A coach is available to chat with you (30 min consultation)  once you sign up to help you choose the best option and point you in the right direction


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