Kat Baker

“I never knew that a training program could make such a big difference in my performance. I feel like I have wasted so much time doing another program when I have known about Underground RX for so long!”

Katelin Marks

The difference for me is that I am literally stronger and fitter than ever before, hence the 8th place finish in the 2018 Open. The coaches are super helpful, it’s just amazing!

Renee Novik

Saying how much I have appreciated the opportunity to work this past year with Underground RX and coach Marc Thomas’s watchful eyes is an understatement. The biggest part for me was my mental game, it came so far so quickly and showed with my 1st place finish in the 2018 Masters Qualifier.

Jaime Goodwin

130kg Back Squat!!! I’ve always looked at myself as the small one and just never even processed the thought that I would ever squat that much! I’m sooo f*cking happy!!!

Rochelle Steinbergs

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you for the programming! I have never felt so strong or fit until now, I absolutely love it!!! My strict Press has been stuck at 57.5 and I haven’t been able to budge it for years and I just hit 65kg, and I also massively PB’d 17.5 retest!

I am so happy!!

Ashley Higgins

The Underground RX Athlete Program opened my eyes to a method that was different to regular CrossFit programming. There is a lot more emphasis on quality and an intelligent approach using heart rate variability to determine the training volume each day and week. I 100% believe in the method and highly recommend the Underground RX Athlete Program to anyone looking for a huge advantage.

Harry Debenham

I could never thank Underground RX for what they have done for me. If I had never made the decision to follow their programming there is no way I would be competing at the Regional level. I just want everyone to experience what following a real training program feels like where fatigue is monitored and training is adjusted each day to suit my daily needs.

Kosta Illic

I’ve followed some other programs in my time but they have always lacked something or not been fully thought out. Joining Underground RX has been the best decision I’ve made when it comes to a smart structured program and I can put my hand on my heart and say that this is the fittest and strongest I have ever been.

Luke McGruer

Underground RX comes down to the details, it’s not just busting your balls day in and day out, but actually following a mapped out pathway of volume, intensity and working on your weaknesses to get you to your goals. You may think you are training pretty well but you will learn a lot after spending some time with Underground RX.

Nicola Hanna

When I first started CrossFit I had never done olympic lifting and couldn’t do a pull up. Within 3 months under the guidance of Underground RX programming I was able compete at an RX level, had added kg’s to my lifting and was strong enough do a muscle up. The results came quick, purely because the focus was on my weaknesses. Pretty soon I was one of the better athletes and was overwhelmed to qualify for Regionals, a goal of mine right from the start.