The Future Of Mindset Training

Hi there everyone,

Tony and I have been friends for a number of years and his work is cutting edge when it comes to freeing the mind of self doubt enabling you to access the ‘zone’.

I’m sure you have all heard of the ‘zone’, a place where human performance is at its peak, a place that all the best athletes find themselves in, and a place that I aim to teach my athletes to find.

Earlier this week I interviewed Tony on the work he does as well as all the details surrounding the ‘zone’ and how to access it. The interview is an hour long but full with interesting information.


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  1. Abel Lucas
    Abel Lucas says:

    that was so helpful. Ive learned so much from this. Im going to start putting as much of it in use as i can.

    • jt2fit
      jt2fit says:

      You commitment is second to none mate!! Well done. You have a very bright future if you play it smart, stay injury free and keep believing in yourself! 🙂


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